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Working at Aversan Part II: Summer Student Interns

Over the course of the summer, Aversan employed 3 interns in various departments. Frobisher was hired for Marketing and Business Development, and both Hannah and Lily were hired for Human Resources. At the end of August, we asked them for their opinions on the company and their jobs. Keep reading to get the insight scoop on what it’s really like to work at Aversan!

What have you learned that you would later apply back at school or in future jobs?

Frobisher: I have learned a lot during my time at Aversan. The biggest thing is not being afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. At the beginning I thought I had to do everything by myself; but you realize, when on a project, that by asking questions your job becomes easier and you don’t waste time trying to figure out things that others already know. Another thing I learned is how crucial it is to be on time. Aversan puts a strong emphasis on completing tasks on schedule. Each task given to an individual is expected to be completed. In a project there are usually a couple people working together, and as such if a task falls behind schedule then the whole project falls behind schedule.

Hannah: I have gained valuable experience about what kind of work goes on behind the scenes in a human resources department, specifically within the recruitment side. Thanks to Aversan, I was able to participate in the whole hiring cycle and see the steps you need to take from start to finish which was very exciting. This helped to reinforce what was learned in school and how it is actually applied in the business world. I also learned the importance of interpersonal skills on a professional level not only when you work within a team but also when contacting potential candidates.  It was an amazing learning experience outside the classroom that allowed for a hands-on approach.

Lily: One thing that I learned during my internship at Aversan was how to prioritize tasks. I worked in a very fast paced environment and knowing what tasks needed to be done when was crucial for my success. Ranking responsibilities by urgency and importance was the key to how I stayed organized and it is definitely something that I will keep in my toolbox for many years to come.

What was your position and what did you work on?


Hannah: My position was a Human Resources Office Intern supporting the HR Recruitment team. I helped post job ads, screen applicants and then schedule them for interviews as requested by the hiring managers. I became familiar with the Applicant Tracking System software utilized as well as ensuring resumes were formatted accordingly. Another task that was interesting to learn that is very important was creating metrics in MS Excel spreadsheets for HR to measure and keep track of its performance. In this position I also helped perform administrative duties whenever needed.

Lily: I was given the opportunity to step into of the role of a Human Resource Assistant/ Office Administrator Assistant. On the HR side I worked on various stages of the recruitment cycle such as postings job online, screening resumes, recruiting talents, and conducting interviews. On the administrative side I was responsible for filing, data entry, generating reports, creating visual displays and making guides. Overall, the tasks that were assigned to me each day were very dynamic and no two days were ever exactly the same. I really enjoyed being kept on my toes and that made my experience at Aversan very enjoyable.

Frobisher: I worked as a Marketing Intern. I mostly focused on researching. Researching Events, competitors, products and media. Scouring to find things that I could bring to the table to further Aversan’s brand Awareness. I also worked on developing social media posts and graphics for the marketing team. A crucial aspect of this job was the ability to take in information, condense and structure it for the use of others.

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

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Lily: Be opened minded. The learning curve is going to be very steep but trust me, you will enjoy every step of the way!

Frobisher: My biggest piece of advice is to be professional. The best way to make your time there enjoyable is to be professional with everyone there. Also, listening was a big factor of my time there. The more I listened the more I learned, the people there are very open and all have something to teach. I found that the more I asked then listened, the more I respected everyone around me.

Hannah: It is a good idea to keep yourself organized by constantly updating your “To Do List” for the day whether electronically or handwritten to ensure you do not forget the tasks that often come in at any given minute. Each day was very dynamic and different. Some other advice would be to make sure that you also take the time to balance your work life with leisure activities. Participate in the events and activities that the company hosts in order to make the most of your experience and immerse yourself in the culture! Lastly don’t be afraid to ask questions and take initiative to really make an impression and learn all that they have to offer.

What was the environment at Aversan like?

Frobisher: I was pleasantly surprised by how easily I fit in at Aversan. As soon as I got there, there were people talking to me and being friendly. Aversan is an incredibly welcoming place. As a company they always have social events going on to build relations with other people. One series of events that I went to was beach volleyball. After work on Wednesdays around 20 people would go out and play volleyball. I was also invited to board game nights, where people would stay after work and play board games together. I especially enjoyed the comradery in the workplace. During lunch hours there was always a lot of chatter and I never saw anybody excluded from a conversation or any sort of gathering. Furthermore, most people at Aversan are quite young which made it easier for me to interact and relate with people.

Hannah: The culture at Aversan is very supportive of its employees’ growth and developing their abilities in order to gain the skills you need to be successful even after you leave.  They take the time to see how you are settling in and colleagues here are very accepting. The people here are not only helpful but they know the benefits of building and strengthening team dynamics through group activities that keep you refreshed, and allow time for teams to gel and bond. This environment helps to motivate you to bring your ‘A-game’ to help the company achieve success. Working here truly shows how much of a joy it can be to work for a company where you can still have a good time!

Lily: Aversan’s culture really cultivates a sense of community. From weekly Game Nights to company lunches, plenty of opportunities are provided for friendships to be built. In particular, I found the environment at Aversan to be very upbeat. Enthusiasm has to be caught not taught and being surrounded by those that are passionate about what they are doing, I was motivated every day to perform to the best of my abilities. People were also very friendly and open to conversation. I felt very comfortable when I was surrounded not only by those that I worked alongside with but also individuals from other departments as well.

Anything else to add?

Lily: I have experienced tremendous growth both professionally and personally through this internship. The connections and the valuable experiences that I have gained are things I will treasure years down the road. Choosing to work at Aversan was one of the best decisions that I have made and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this fantastic company.


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