Independent Verification and Validation

Ensuring High-Performance

Aversan goes above and beyond to exceed regulatory requirements and ensure the highest quality and functionality. Our independent verification and validation services provide you with everything you need to ensure that your project meets all requirements and successfully fulfills the tasks that you set out to complete.


Our Capabilities

Aversan’s verification and validation services include the planning, execution, and reporting of
tests. After verifying that your project functions correctly, we validate that its function is serving your intended purpose.
Aversan also performs analysis for code coverage and usage, as well configuration management. We consider traceability in all of our projects, and ensure that your requirements can be tracked back to various tests. We generate the documentation and artifacts you need for successful industry certifications and regulatory approval.

Aversan has a long history of providing verification and validation services to companies from various industries. Our development process is test-driven to ensure successful outcomes, and we use multiple resources to help the verification and validation process, including ATE, test automation, and system integration labs. We follow the V-Model Life Cycle of Verification and Validation for both hardware and software to exceed quality expectations.

On-Time Services for Regulated Software Applications

As both a testing service provider and a design authority ourselves, Aversan’s team of experts have established a deep understanding of mission and safety-critical Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) testing standards. We work to your project-specific requirements to ensure we are meeting your goals and delivering the best value-for-time from test activities. We ensure your testing and IV&V evidence will be delivered on-time and in compliance with your industry and internal quality requirements. 

The Aversan Edge

Specialization in High-Reliability
Safety-Critical Software

Aversan’s Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001 and AS9100 compliant. This allows us to instill best practices and expertise in all of our staff through continuous training, mentorship, and learning. Aversan’s company focus on meeting quality and safety requirements enables our process to be tailored to comply to Design Assurance Levels A to E (DAL A to E). Our experience includes:

Reliable Fixed-Price Delivery

Aversan has provided IV&V services for complex systems since 2003. We use our long-term experience to provide accurate pricing and schedule forecasts. This allows us to meet fixed-price delivery commitments without any surprises and ensures your goals are met on time. Our vast resource pool enables rapid ramp-up and onboarding of IV&V teams so we can deliver results under tight deadlines. Strong project management and detailed planning from the start ensure on-budget delivery is tracked and maintained throughout your project. Our testing experts work with your teams to ensure technical issues and potential roadblocks are understood and mitigated early in the project to avoid costly delays when the IV&V team is at full capacity. We provide full transparency so you can rest assured that your program is being delivered within the defined budget.

Your One-Stop Shop For 100% Test Coverage

Your One-Stop Shop
For 100% Test Coverage

100% test coverage is the philosophy behind Aversan’s leading-edge automation services. Our team are experts at getting the maximum possible automated coverage to minimize not only manual-testing labour, but also the cost of product maintenance and future regressions. Our highly-automated approach includes report generation for tests and automated coverage, delivering high long-term ROI. Aversan understands the importance of traceability in all of our projects and ensures your requirements can be traced to test and to source-code. We utilize automated coverage-report generation tools to reduce the risk of human-error. All of our testing activity and reviews are captured within configuration management systems in full compliance to regulator and auditor requirements, and we generate all of the documentation and artifacts necessary for certification and regulatory approval.

We have expertise in the following areas of testing:

Our V-Model Lifecycle for IV&V