Ensuring Safety for Space Exploration

Since 2003, our team has specialized in the design and development of safety and mission-critical embedded systems, striving to ensure reliability before your launch. Our proven product development process results in high-quality delivery that is made on-time and within budget. At Aversan, we can help elevate your outer space endeavours with mission-critical solutions that inspire trust and confidence.

Our Space Capabilities

Aversan provides engineering, product development, and quality assurance services for complex space programs such as the Canadarm3. This includes flight hardware, software, mechanical, and control systems engineering, as well as safety and mission assurance. We also offer Ground Support Equipment (GSE) engineering services for your safety-critical space systems.

Credits: CSA, NASA

Our Space Services

Our Compliance Expertise

Aversan’s ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS) and adherence to our mature engineering processes ensures compliance to industry-specific safety regulations and quality standards. You can rely on Aversan to execute and deliver necessary artifacts and documents to demonstrate compliance to standards such as:

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