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Webinar: Managing Remote & Distributed Test Teams

Prior to the global pandemic, projects had been moving towards distributed, remote teams, and this change has only accelerated. Projects now often have teams who are working remotely, distributed across multiple offices and often time zones, and very frequently teams are a hybrid of both. Also, teams are often a combination of both internal and external resources. This flexibility can be challenging to manage, however, when done well it can greatly help your organization by providing greatly staffing flexibility, and access to global resource pool.

Aversan has been supporting our customers as a trusted extension of their test engineering teams for 18 years. In this webinar we will share our knowledge on how to manage and execute test projects with remote and distributed team. We will share best practices, tangible solutions, and practical advice that you can use to improve your own organizations performance.

This webinar provides practical advice and best practices on how to manage remote/distributed test teams and campaigns in the context of DO-178 software verification and validation.

You will learn:

  1. The benefits of remote / distributed testing
  2. Best practices for monitoring progress and reporting status
  3. Best practices to ensure consistency and quality of team outputs
  4. Practical suggestions and recommendations to ensure productivity is maintained and improved through test campaign
Ready to gain valuable insights? Click Here to watch the webinar.


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