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Who We Are

Aversan is an ISO 9001: 2008 and AS100 certified organization . Aversan was established in 2003. From roots in automated testing and independent verification & validation on Aerospace and Defense programs, Aversan has grown into a multi-service engineering company capable of providing turn-key product development of embedded systems and software to tier-1 customers worldwide.

What We Do

A trusted go-to-market partner in the development of embedded systems and advanced IT. Aversan provides hardware and software design, build, testing, certification and support for your next embedded module, product, IT system or integrated application. Save time and reduce hassle by using a single vendor to deliver your next project and meet your time-to-market.

How We Do It

Aversan can take on any project from small scale testing and quality assurance to large full scale development because of its flexible work models. Choose from product development, work packages, or smaller resource packages that fit your project needs and budget.


Complete product development from design to build, qualification, certification, and aftermarket support.

Stay on track and deliver on time by having your project fully managed by us. Acting as complementary to your teams, our experienced project managers will propose and select the appropriate framework and reporting methodology – waterfall, agile or hybrid – for optimal and seamless execution within your scope, budget and timeline.

Take advantage of our engineering team to complete resource intensive work such as testing, validation, and quality assurance.

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Why Aversan

The Extra Mile

We go the extra mile when it comes to helping our customers, whether it is to support audits, documentation or meetings.

Full Service

We are a single source for IT-centric work packages and projects, and for product development including supply chain and product delivery management.

Flexibility & Expertise

Our flexible team structure can support any project from full product development to specialized resources, and deliver a quicker response and ramp-up time.

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engineering projects


Aerospace System Testing at Aero17

Aerospace System Testing at Aero17

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DSEI 2015 Photos & Recap

On September 12th to the 15th, approximately 32,000 people from 121 different countries traveled to London,...

CANSEC 2015 Recap & Photos

CANSEC 2015 Recap & Photos

On May 27 and 28th, 2015, CANSEC took place in Ottawa. The event is known as Canada's Premier Defence...

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