Digital Transformation

Envisioning Tomorrow

In a digitized world, technological change is essential in ensuring that our customers’ goals are brought to life. That is why Aversan is constantly looking towards the future, and striving to transform our solutions to be better suited for tomorrow. Our digital transformation entails innovative, reliable, and cuttingedge software solutions.

Our Capabilities

Our software services include the design, development, and testing of safetycritical systems. We are experts in embedded software engineering, and work with embedded firmware, drivers, application software, and more. Our software capabilities extend into testing, verification and validation, and integration, as well. With automated testing and equipment, our customers can run tests multiple times to verify that their software units are performing correctly. We use industryleading practices to validate our
systems and ensure that they are high in quality and efficiency. We also help our customers


accelerate new software integration to ensure that their systems are efficient and meet high safetycritical standards

How We Do It


We develop in C, C++, C#, .Net, Java, and Ada. 

Traceability and Change Control Tools

DOORS, Rational ClearQuest & ClearCase, Polarion,JIRA, Serena Dimensions, and Serena SBM.

Real-Time Operating Systems

VxWorks, LynxOS, Linux, Android, QNX, and Kernel Drivers.

Development & Verification Tools

Nexus/Aurora Port, VectorCast, LDRA, Labview, Lauderbach, Matlab/Simulink, Eclipse, and IntelliJ.

Envisioning Tomorrow

In a digitized world, technological change is essential to ensure that your complex goals are brought to life. That’s why Aversan is constantly looking towards the future and striving to transform our solutions to be better suited for tomorrow. We provide cutting-edge, reliable, and secure software solutions that evolve with changing times and needs.

The Aversan Edge

Solution Architecture

Successful project delivery begins with a deep understanding of customer requirements. This is why Aversan prioritizes working with you from the start. Our deliberate and thoughtful approach to collecting business requirements ensures that your needs are captured correctly. By understanding your requirements, we’re able to transform them into a solution architecture tailored specifically to your business needs.

Iterative and Agile Transformation

Our vast experience working in aerospace software has allowed us to develop a strong requirements-based process, which we combine with the best features of agile development in order to deliver our software projects. This hybrid method provides the reliability of the waterfall process and the assurance that your requirements are implemented, while also giving you the benefit of frequent releases, reviews, and the opportunity to provide feedback.

Software Development Philosophy

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. We understand that new software projects today can become legacy code tomorrow. That’s why Aversan works hard during the development process to ensure that our applications are responsive, maintainable, and scalable. You can be assured that the applications we deliver today will support and grow with your business for years to come.

Our Capabilities

Privacy and Cybersecurity

In an online age, we understand that security isn’t optional. As cyberthreats evolve, the response to them needs to as well. Your business depends on information and data being protected. Aversan implements and manages strategies to mitigate the risk of cyberthreats and ensure your business remains secure.

Business Process Automation

In a world that’s constantly changing, you require business processes that continue to deliver value and remain reliable. Aversan provides optimized solutions for your operations, finances, supply chain, and more. We’re capable of delivering web-based solutions using Salesforce, Serena Business Manager (SBM), and Dimensions.

Data and Analytics Services

When it comes to business transformation, having a clear strategy to manage data and analytics is of the utmost importance. Aversan provides services for enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics, including executive dashboards, interactive reports, real-time data, and more. We ensure data is interoperable, reliable, and accessible, creating a stream of insights that can be acted on. By truly understanding your company’s data, you can take the steps necessary to elevate your business.

Artificial Intelligence

As AI transforms the world we live in, Aversan can help you transform with it. We utilize cutting-edge technology to its full potential, delivering solutions that maximize efficiency and achieve high performance levels. By evolving with the speed of AI technologies, we can ensure that your business stays relevant in competitive markets.