Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

Optimizing Testing Resources

As embedded systems become increasingly intricate, they require a level of testing that matches their own complexity. At Aversan, we cultivate reliability through safe and proven solutions, which is why our Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is designed to instill confidence in our customers. Extensive, repetitive, and continuous testing has become an integral part of the product development lifecycle in order to ensure safety standards are met. Aversan’s ATE and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) allow you to constantly stay ahead of the curve while optimizing time, manual labour, and cost through automation.

ATE Capabilities

The ATE’s testing allows for high levels of reliability, thoroughness, and consistency, making it the perfect tool to enable accurate test results. We use ATE for internal development programs, and also offer these testing services and expertise to our customers. Our dedicated team provides extensive post-delivery support― including all of the necessary training and manuals to help integrate the ATE into your process flow quickly and effectively.

With the ability to be quickly customized for a variety of systems, Aversan’s ATE is designed for flexibility. They are based on our core software and hardware framework, and then expertly tailored to your unique test application, based on your project needs. This flexibility allows the ATE to be used in both engineering and production level testing, as well as integrate with simulation models and Aversan’s own Batch Execution System (BES).

ATE Features

Get Ahead With the Best Test Equipment for High Reliability

As embedded systems become increasingly complex, they require a level of testing that matches their own complexity. This is why Aversan keeps up with the newest technologies necessary to test complex embedded systems. Our experience providing end-to-end product development services for leading-edge systems ensures that our Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) delivery process covers all the steps of turn-key development.

Aversan understands the importance of equipment you can rely on. We deliver ATEs and GSEs to our customers, while also using them for our own product development and manufacturing programs. Rest assured that your product has been fully tested and your solutions will operate as intended.

The Aversan Edge

Complex Engineered Solutions

Aversan’s development team is made up of engineers who are experts in developing ATEs and GSEs for complex systems. Customers come to Aversan for:
  • High quality ATE and GSE solutions suitable for safety and mission-critical products

  • Support for testing non-standard, complex I/O that don’t have Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) interface hardware

  • Demonstrable test coverage analysis

  • Customer-focused Human Machine Interface (HMI)/Graphical User Interface (GUI) design

  • Detailed interface-level test reports for faster root-cause analysis and traceability

  • Capability to reverse/re-engineer obsolete ATEs and GSEs

  • The ability to interface with your Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software

Long-Term Support and Maintainability

With the understanding that most industries require products to be fielded for multi-year programs, Aversan provides full long-term lifecycle support through:

  • Electronic document control and configuration management, with emergency recovery plans and off-site backups

  • Best in-class documentation practices and processes to ensure equipment and software can be maintained and upgraded

  • Design for reparability, scalability, and upgradability to enable ongoing ATE and GSE maintenance and requalification as your product evolves

  • Design for reliability practices to ensure ATEs and GSEs are designed for long service-life from day one

  • Long-term support and maintenance service options that are flexible to your needs and the life of your program

Improve Your Production ROI

Aversan has implemented test automation solutions since 2003. Our ATE and GSE solutions leverage our automation expertise to offer high production throughput— increasing your ROI for capital expenditure through:
  • Custom fixturing design which optimizes unit under test (UUT) connection/disconnection time, minimizes connection cycles, and minimizes operator error risk
  • Optimized software solutions which minimizes test cycle time to meet throughput objectives
  • Consulting services that optimize test coverage across the entire lifecycle to ensure ATE and GSE are only performing high-value tasks

  • Support for asynchronous multi-UUT testing that maximizes utilization of ATE and GSE hardware and networking resources to achieve faster test cycle times
  • Highly reliable ATE and GSE designs that have more up-time and support built-in self-test to rapidly diagnose issues and return to production
  • Integrating test automation tools, such as our Batch Execution System (BES), which maximizes the utilization of available test assets and resources

Get to Market Faster With
Development ATE and GSE Solutions

Limited test equipment capacity, capability, and availability during development can be a major driver of program delays— something Aversan understands from decades worth of test experience. Our development ATE solutions are designed to get your product to market faster by:
  • Reducing overall verification timeline

  • Minimizing test cycle time

  • Reducing regression time and increasing the volume of test runs

  • Accelerating your roadmap

  • Enabling early defect detection towards a more mature product release

  • Maximizing utilization of your ATE and GSE through automation tools such as Aversan’s BES

  • Simplifying test artifact generation for regulatory authorities through reporting and traceability tools

Applications and Capabilities

Our ATEs and GSEs are used to support:
  • Engineering/Design Validation Testing (EVT/DVT) during product development

  • Automated monitoring of equipment in environmental, qualification, Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC), and Electronic Stress Screening (ESS) test facilities

  • Production End-of-Line (EOL) tests

  • Production EOL product data-loading/configuration

  • Production Acceptance Testing (ATP)

  • Automated on-target regression testing of embedded software applications

  • System Integration Testing

  • Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and GSE applications

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