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Test and evaluate systems ranging from Control Systems for Aircraft Equipment such as Landing Gear, to enterprise IT Systems and Digital Health Solutions.

Whether it’s verifying a system through IV&V methods, migrating legacy software systems, designing a bus controller, or providing a simulation lab for test and validation, we have the skill and knowledge to meet your expectations.

Learn more about aircraft, rail, vessel or vehicle system integration with real-time hardware-in-the-loop verification.

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Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing enables complex systems to be rigorously tested in the control of a lab, before engaging in costly field testing.

For complex control systems, HIL testing provides a tool to perform incremental integration and verification as hardware is developed. A system integration lab provides a high degree of instrumentation, visibility, and repeatability in testing which cannot be achieved in the field. A defect caught in the field can be 1000x as costly to correct as one caught in the lab, and HIL testing provides a line of defense against escaped defects.


AvSIL is a complete HIL test solution supporting system integration, control verification, and formal testing in support of certification.

While every aircraft controller and program is unique, Aversan uses a flexible core framework to support a range of model-in-the-loop (MIL) and HIL real-time test platforms which are configurable to meet the needs of your program. Using a mix of custom interfaces and off-the-shelf components, AvSIL supports fully model-based development.

It can support connections of real hardware to a simulated plant (to test control algorithms against a real plant environment) or connection of controller hardware to a real plant. A common core software and computational framework provides a suite of tools to improve tester efficiency and bring the most value to your engineers for every hour spent using the venue.


Spend more time solving, less time re-running tests with comprehensive data logging and powerful debug tools.

Reduce venue bottlenecks with powerful offline data analysis tools allowing testers to do more work during offline analysis without taking up valuable venue time.

Enter a Service Level Agreement with Aversan for rapid response to venue defects, and to receive regular roll-outs of feature upgrades and incremental improvements.

Get higher fidelity in simulations, I/O control, and test data logging with fast 1 kHz or greater I/O frame rate.

Reduce cabling complexitywith more signal routing done in PCB layout.

Easily interpret test reports featuring links for navigation between artifacts.

Minimize the need for manual disposition by including built-in pass/fail criteria in test procedures and post-execution analysis scripts.

Integrate with your Configuration Management System, with AvSIL supporting industry standard document control processes for test campaigns and programs.

Upgrade without impacting your investment with a processing engine not tied to proprietary hardware. Take advantage of upgrades in processor, memory, and storage when your program      needs it.

Featured Projects

A350 XWB System Integration

Aversan managed and executed systems integration testing and Safety of Flight (SoF) testing for the Airbus A350 XWB ECS. The project involved hardware-in-the-loop testing of safety critical controllers, and automated tool development in order to improve the efficiency of the customer’s test lab.

Fully utilizing new software technologies requires overcoming complex systems integration challenges, both within your own organizations, and with your external partners, suppliers, and clients.

Our systems integration specialists can help you manage the complexity inherent with technology change to ensure that your enterprise systems are agile, relevant, and competitive.

Flexibility of modern frameworks and languages including .NET and Java by migrating and translating from COBOL, RPG, Pascal etc.

Accelerate Migration using automated translation tools for databases, languages and operating systems.

Maintain Integrity of data and functionality throughout modernization, data conversions, migrations, and upgrades.

Seamless Integration of Software Systems by using API centric architecture, which avoids bolting subsystems together.

Accelerate Digital Transformation of an entire organization. API’s allow a complete cultural shift in IT, accelerating the pace of innovation and delivering user centric experiences.

Custom Developed APIs are built to promote sub-system integration across an entire enterprise, promote re-usable assets, and easily build connected application networks.

Custom integration services for EMRs, EHRs and HIS systems EPIC, McKesson, MEDITECH, Cerner and Siemens and many others with PACS, Pharmacy, LABs, etc.

Keep your data safe with security services of Personal Health Information (PHI) using encryption certificates, secure messaging, data caching, and other techniques.

Support clinical interoperability with development and Integration of exchange languages using FHIR and HL7 standards for exchanging, sharing, and retrieving electronic health information.

Easily manage accounts using role-based authentication and identity management programming services.

Identity Access Management (IAM) frameworks for on premise and cloud environments.

Authentication protocols including Multifactor, federated LDAP, local, and native, as well as user & password management, role assignment, and Single Sign-On (SSO) user provisioning.

End-to-end software migration services including strategy planning, data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation.

Migrations for applications, systems, databases, storage devices, websites, blogs, e-mail, servers, operating systems, architectures, user interfaces (UI) and more.

Middleware solutions including BizTalk Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), mobile application servers, .NET, Java & PHP frameworks, and custom developed middleware.

Enterprise level BI and analytics, including executive dashboards, interactive reports, real-time data, location analysis and more.

Enhance reporting capabilities through data cubing, automated reporting, and real-time data using custom reporting modules, or built using tools such as Rave Report.

Customize features including open architecture, data visualization, real-time queries, interactive and ranking reports, meta-data layers, and application importing.

Featured Projects

Consent Directive for Client Management Web Application.

Aversan implemented privacy and security features on Cancer Care Ontario’s Integrated Client Management System (ICMS).

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