Systems Integration Lab

Enabling Versatility

Our system integration solutions are designed to be versatile. With Aversan’s help, you can validate and verify, migrate legacy software systems, use our simulation labs for test and validation, and much more. We provide the opportunity to test and evaluate safety critical systems spanning multiple products and industries― from aircraft controls to digital health software.

Replicate Real-Life Conditions

Realtime hardwareintheloop (HIL) testing enables complex systems to be rigorously tested in
the controlled setting of a lab― before engaging in costly field testing. For complex control
systems, HIL testing provides a tool to perform incremental integration and verification as
hardware is developed. A system integration lab provides a high degree of instrumentation,
visibility, and repeatability that cannot be achieved when testing in the field. A defect caught in
the field can be dramatically more costly to correct as one caught in the lab, and HIL testing
provides a line of defense against escaped defects saving both time and money.

AvSIL Capabilities

The AvSIL is Aversan’s real-time hardware-in-the-loop system integration lab. It offers an affordable and flexible solution that can quickly adapt to unique and changing program requirements, regardless of your system. The AvSIL uses a flexible core framework to support a wide range of model-in-the-loop (MIL) and HIL real-time test platforms, while also being configurable to meet the needs of your program. It can be easily repurposed for use across multiple test programs, reducing non-recurring engineering costs, and allowing multiple test programs to share the same test platform and hardware. Using a mix of custom interfaces and off-the-shelf components, AvSIL supports fully model-based development.

The AvSIL entails comprehensive test data logging and debug tools, allowing testers to spend more time solving faults and less time re-running tests. Tests are written with built-in pass/fail criteria and the reports automatically link procedures, data, and results to be easily
comprehensible. The high-power hardware running AvSIL software enables fast input/output interface and test data logging rate for better fidelity in simulations and input/output control. The AvSIL is designed to easily intergrate into your configuration management system and supports industry-standard test processes and methodologies. The computation core can be sized for custom projects and upgraded to improve processors, memory, and storage—providing continued value to your test programs.

Transformative Integration

Technology has been evolving at an increasingly rapid pace― and we can help you evolve with it.
Aversan ensures that you get the most out of new software technologies by assisting you in overcoming complex system integration challenges. Whether it be within your own organizations, or with external partners, suppliers, and clients― our system integration specialists can help make sure that your enterprise systems remain agile, relevant, and competitive.

Our Capabilities

Legacy System Integration and Updates

Aversan can accelerate your migration to modern frameworks and languages, such as .NET and Java, by using automated translation tools for databases, languages, and operating systems. Our capabilities encompass migrating and translating from COBOL, RPG, Pascal, and more. We help maintain the integrity of your data and keep functionality in tact through modernization, data conversions, migrations, and upgrades.


With application programming interfaces (APIs), Aversan can help accelerate the digital transformation of your entire organization. APIs allow for a complete cultural shift in IT, cultivating innovation and user-centric experiences. API-centric architecture helps avoid bolting subsystems together, therefore allowing for seamless software systems integration. Custom APIs are developed to promote subsystem integration across your entire enterprise, promote reusable assets, and easily build connected application networks.

Digital Health Solution Integration

Aversan can help keep your personal health information (PHI) data safe using encryption
certificates, secure messaging, data caching, and other techniques. We support clinical
interoperability of your company by developing and integrating exchange languages. We comply
with FHIR and HL7 standards for exchanging, sharing, and retrieving electronic health
information. We also provide custom integration services for EMRs, EHRs, HIS systems, EPIC,
McKesson, MEDITECH, Cerner and Siemens and many others with PACS, Pharmacy, LABs, etc.

Privacy and Security

Aversan lets you easily manage accounts using role-based authentication and identity management programming services. We provide identity access management (IAM) frameworks for on-premise and cloud environments. Our authentication protocols include multi-factor, federated LDAP, local, and native protocols. We also provide user and password management, role assignment, and single sign-on (SSO) user provisioning.

Data Warehousing and Migration

Aversan’s end-to-end software migration services include strategy planning, data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation. We provide migration services for applications, systems, databases, storage devices, websites, blogs, e-mail, servers, operating
systems, architectures, user interfaces (UI) and more. Our middleware solutions including BizTalk Server, Apache Web Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), mobile application servers, .NET, Java & PHP frameworks, and custom developed middleware.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

We provide services for enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics, including executive dashboards, interactive reports, real-time data, location analysis, and more. Enhance your reporting capabilities through data cubing, automated reporting, and real-time data using custom reporting modules, or tools such as Rave Report. You can also customize features including open architecture, data visualization, real-time queries, interactive and ranking reports, meta-data layers, and application importing.

Replicate Real-Life Conditions

Our System Integration Labs (SILs) enable complex systems to be rigorously tested in the controlled setting of a lab, providing a high degree of instrumentation, visibility, and repeatability that cannot be achieved with costly field testing. Real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing also provides a tool to perform incremental integration and verification as hardware is developed. Aversan’s system integration testing services are a line of defence against escaped defects— saving you time and money.

The Aversan Edge

Experience With Complexity

Integrating multiple complex electronics systems and simulation models can be highly challenging. As a company that specializes in the development and certification of complex system programs, Aversan has the experience to ensure the successful integration, operation, and management of SILs. Our SILs are designed to be expandable and scalable, enabling you to integrate additional units under test (UUTs) and models to get the best from your investment. Thanks to our pedigree in the development and certification of safety-critical electronics, you can rest assured knowing that Aversan has the proven experience to get your integration lab working effectively and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Minimizing Your Time-to-Market

SIL labs are critical infrastructure on any aircraft program, and often create a bottleneck in the certification process. Aversan understands how crucial it is to get your program to market on time, and has developed a suite of features focused on ensuring our SILs are utilized as much as possible for only value-added testing activities:

Long-Term Support and Maintainability

With the understanding that most industries require products to be fielded for multi-year programs, Aversan provides full long-term lifecycle support through:

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