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Fostering a Healthy Workplace Culture this Halloween

What defines a company’s culture?

It’s the people.

The day-to-day actions of people and mindset of the company sculpt a company’s culture, but it can be further solidified at company events.

At Aversan, we believe in fostering a workplace culture that can be fun, collaborative, innovative and supportive. Organizing company events on a regular basis gives our employees more than just a chance to get together. It breaks up the monotony of work, ties them to the company culture and rejuvenates them.

The 2018 Halloween wasn’t just any day at the office. On Wednesday, October 31st, there were large bowls of Lindt chocolates placed around the office for employees and visitors to enjoy. In the lunchroom, there were movies like Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice playing on the TVs all day. The spirit of Halloween was inescapable – the office was decorated with spooky spider webs, skeletons, pumpkins, and ghosts.

A few employees arrived to work in costume, ready for the contest later that afternoon. Most employees appeared to be dressed up as engineers and so convincingly it was as if they weren’t wearing a costume at all. The winners were determined by who received the most applause and this year the applause was so close that two employees tied for first place: Jeff in a handmade Space X Astronaut costume and Geoff as a mad scientist wearing an impressive light up lab coat with goggles and a wild hairstyle to match. Congratulations Jeff and Geoff!

The employees that dressed up had great costumes, but what I took away from this event was the number of employees that showed to the costume contest to cheer on and support their coworkers. This is the type of workplace culture I hope to further cultivate as HR – a culture that celebrates the individual while remaining a supportive and cohesive team and that’s what makes you feel empowered to influence positive changes within the company.

It was great to see employees’ creativity in their participation of these contests and we can’t wait to see what tricks and treats Aversan employees have in store for next year!

What’s your company’s formula for motivating your employees and cultivating a positive and healthy workplace culture? Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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