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Distilling Value in the Software Verification & Validation Process

Software verification, validation, and automation are intrinsic to Aversan’s operations, and have formed an important part of our business since its inception in 2003. Through many years of process experience and evolution, we have continually refined and distilled our approach to performing software verification and validation in ways that not only meet process requirements, but truly add value to the goals of projects. All Aversan personnel have a mandate to drive continuous improvement. What have we distilled and learned after over ten years of delivering solutions for testing and automation? Some key topics are as follows.

Quality Outputs Flow from Quality Inputs

MicrochipProducing verification and validation outputs with quality and relevance begins by defining, identifying and clarifying project inputs. Starting with the overarching contractual information and project data, inputs may take the form of the customer’s overall project milestones, business standards, software development standards, derived expectations, and industry standards and regulations such as DO-178B/C and HL7. Identifying, analyzing and clarifying the customer’s inputs early in the process is a key factor in determining the most efficient and course of ascertaining the technical risks that must be addressed to deliver a Project Plan that leads to the correct outputs. This process of continual improvement helps us avoid infamous schedule-breaking “surprises” in which ambiguous, incomplete or vague inputs lead to unanticipated gaps in project outputs. Through Aversan’s extensive experience in analyzing key project inputs, we strive to identify any risks that must be clarified as early as possible through customer consultation and technical recommendations. This helps us satisfy a project’s verification and validation requirements in a way that minimizes “surprises” and generates maximal value.

Early Investments in Automation Systems Pay Dividends in Efficiency and Timely Delivery

EngineerProcess Automation is a major building block in Aversan’s pursuit of continuous improvement. From rail to civil and military aerospace to health care applications, Aversan’s home grown automation solutions have contributed to repeatability, timely delivery, and improved quality of life for verification and validation staff while helping to meet the customers’ requirements.

Aversan identifies components of the verification and validation process, both in the generation and execution of testing procedures, in which automation tools can reduce the burden on human operators. Development of automation software and even integrated verification facilities enables human testing technicians and engineers to focus on the requirements of the project, rather than wasting untold hours on the minutiae of scripting syntax, the shifting sands of test venue changes, or scheduling of venue execution time. This is why early investments in automation allow value in the verification and validation process to rise to the top.

Documentation and Process Consistency Get The Job Done For Today and Tomorrow

CodingThe pursuit of value is not a singular activity only to be observed in scheduled meetings or audits – It is a collective commitment in establishing processes leading to a culture of sustainability that encompasses and enhances all business knowledge. Aversan’s certifications in ISO 9001 and AS9100 Rev C are cornerstones in establishing this culture through all aspects of our business.

Aversan’s efforts in sustaining process knowledge and skills for verification, validation and all other disciplines are another means by which we build up long term business advantages. For example, the maintaining of detailed process documentation and training plans permits teams to scale up quickly with new staff in response to sudden customer needs; Detailed documentation of technical problems and the analysis behind the solutions helps someone else avoid hours of wasted troubleshooting; It allows us to capture the reasoning behind technical decisions, enabling future staff to repeat success and avoid failure. Our processes keep our documentation and methods alive and in continual evolution, helping to get the job done today and for tomorrow.


As you have seen in this short summary, Aversan is committed to continuous improvement in meeting its customers’ objectives. Our culture, experience and processes are a blueprint that ensures creating value is not serendipitous, but all part of the plan.


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Curtis M. is a Software Test Engineer with Aversan. Curtis M. ProfileHis background extends to both commercial and military aerospace projects. Test automation systems to which he has contributed are deployed in North America, Europe and Asia. Curtis is an avid cyclist with interests in nutrition, quality home cooking, and lifelong learning.



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