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Reasons Why Test Automation Is An Engineer’s Best Friend

With a commitment to efficiency, here at Aversan we incorporate Automation into most things that we do! In testing, utilizing automation has many benefits such as catching more defects, lowering cycle test duration, reducing costs and more. Automation also allows Engineers to focus on more important parts of testing instead of menial parts such as executing, logging and reporting.

So why is Test Automation an engineer’s best friend? We interviewed our Engineering team and summarized the best reasons in the following list.

Automated Testing Is An Engineer's Best Friend

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Test automation helps make testing more reliable and consistent.

Test automation helps keep testing new & fresh; automate a test, move onto the next one.

Test automation helps make testing more reproducible.

Test automation doesn’t forget how to run a test case.

Test automation helps speed up test execution.

Test automation doesn’t need fingers to type on keyboards or operate mice.

Test automation helps make testing more accessible.

Test handout ThumbnailInterested in Learning More About Automated Testing?

Aversan has Automated Testing solutions, for more information please visit our Testing section by clicking here. In addition, we have a downloadable resource about Building An Effective Test Program.

Download Building An Effective Test Program Handout

Visit Aversan’s Aerospace & Defence Testing Section


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