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Aversan’s National Engineering Month Celebrations

For the entirety of March, Aversan celebrated National Engineering Month with weekly events and activities.  National Engineering Month recognizes engineering excellence in Canada.  The month’s goal is to highlight engineering breakthroughs and to bring all generations of engineers together.   NEM also supports and encourages the youth of Canada to look into pursuing possible careers in engineering and engineering technology fields.  NEM is filled with exciting opportunities for both students and employees, and allows the community to give thanks for all that engineers do.

Friday March 1st – Engineering Bingo & Cake Cutting

To kick-start the month, we got a lemon-raspberry-buttercream cake for our employees.  It featured a custom design, wishing our engineers a “Happy National Engineering Month”.

We also played a special game of Engineering Bingo, featuring words that are associated with engineering and projects that Aversan has worked on – highlighting our engineers’ successes.  The activity lasted almost all day, and it was a race to the finish until two winners were announced, who were both prized with gift cards.


Friday March 8th – Sweet Treats & Ted Talks

The following week we surprised all of our employees with custom made shortbread cookies!  Each cookie was wrapped in a cellophane bag, tied shut with a ribbon, and placed on everyone’s desks prior to their arrival.  The design of a light bulb created with multicoloured gears was accompanied with a special message to our engineers reminding them that: “We appreciate you a whole watt”.  Talk about a sweet surprise!

Engineering themed Ted Talks were also played in the lunchroom all day for our staff to enjoy.  Some of the interesting topics covered included how DNA can be used to store data and whether or not the Earth would be able to survive being inside a black hole.

Thursday March 14th – Lunch & Learn

Our own Guy Zur hosted a special Lunch & Learn for other employees titled System Engineering: From Idea to Conceptual Design.  The lunch was a catered event, where our staff was able to enjoy fresh food while learning about Systems Engineering from one of our best.  The event lasted for about an hour and included a full room of attendees!

Friday March 22nd – Flashback Friday

It was a blast from the past!  Employees were encouraged to wear swag from their universities, representing their alma mater.  We also provided snacks all day long in the lunchroom along with plates so that employees could carry them back to their desks.

Friday March 29th – Mystery Engineering Competition

Our engineers had their skills put to the test in this mystery event.  Engineers signed up for the event in groups of four, where only one team would be declared the winner.  On Friday afternoon, six teams gathered in the lunchroom where each team was presented with a box of spaghetti and a bag of marshmallows.  They were tasked with creating the tallest, most durable structure they could with as little materials as possible in 20 minutes.  Their structures were then tested by a judge against a detailed rubric to determine the winning team.

Each structure was judged based on five different criteria – creativity, durability, minimal use of resources, structure height and use of design principles.  While all the structures proved to be creative and required immense skill to build, only one team could win – Team 2.  The team’s tower was able to hold up four empty cans and keep shape even when being picked up by the Aversan logo at the top!  Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for making this event a success!

All of the events this month were a success, and Aversan is proud to have executed all of these activities for our hardworking engineers.  It’s important to let our staff know how appreciated they are, and how proud the company is of their work every day.  We used National Engineering Month not only as a month highlight the importance of engineering, but to also celebrate our amazing employees.

We can’t wait to start planning for National Engineering Month 2020!  Did you enjoy the events we had?  Can you think of an activity that will be exciting for next year?  Let us know in the comments or email us at

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