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Aversan’s Annual Summer BBQ

The Thursday before Labour Day weekend, Aversan held its annual Summer BBQ at Mississauga Valley Park. This wasn’t a typical BBQ, though. Aversan said goodbye to summer with a splash.

Before every other long weekend of the year, Aversan holds an employee appreciation luncheon in the office. For Labour Day we took it outside for a catered BBQ feast. There was more than enough food. Aversan staff had the choice of hamburgers, jumbo hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato salad, coleslaw, cookies, fruit and more.

Although the food was delicious, the main attractions were the two giant 30 x 30 feet inflatable activities. There was a giant inflatable 4 person joust ring, where opponents stood on wobbly pedestals and whacked each other with inflatable sticks until only one was left standing. There was also a derby race with inflatable horses. It was hilarious watching Aversan employees bounce their way down the track. Congratulations to Nishant Sareen for winning the derby tournament and to Christopher Enriquez for his impressive jousting tournament victory.

To end the event we had a Charity splash to benefit the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation. CEMF is a charity that funds scholarships for female students pursuing careers in engineering. Aversan matched employee donations. Ryan Anderson, Denis Kharlamov, Michael Podlovics, Nathan Chadder, Rachel Flear, and Maegan Mopas, volunteered to be splashed by their colleagues. Denis came prepared with a floaty and googles. Michael attempted to engineer a hat from a paper plate and a shoelace which could not withstand the splash. All the volunteers got soaked for a good cause. We raised $190 for the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation.

The fun didn’t end there, many employees stayed at the park, including Denis and Michael who dried off playing beach volleyball. We appreciate everyone coming out to the Annual BBQ, it was a great event and we are looking forward to next year!



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