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Aversan Serena Business Manager Developers Now Black Belt Certified

MISSISSAUGA, ON/Nov 23, 2015 – Aversan is proud to announce that all of its Serena Business Manager (SBM) developers are now Black Belt certified. SBM, developed by Serena Software, is a leading management platform for automating IT and business processes. Serena awards a Black Belt certification to developers who demonstrate their ability to add advanced features to an SBM solution in both the solution’s design and configuration phases. In order to obtain a Black Belt, developers must first be awarded a White and Green Belt.

Aversan is also proud to be a preferred 3rd party service supplier for Serena. With one of the highest recognitions by Serena, customers can feel confident in Aversan’s ability to understand and implement complex SBM solutions. Aversan is regularly contracted to complete approximately 15 engagements on a monthly basis with various customers around the world, both in person, and remotely. Aversan looks forward to furthering their relationship with Serena Software in the future.

About Aversan Inc.

Aversan is an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified engineering organization which employs a local pool of 200 employees ranging from Project Managers and Technical Team Leads to System Architects, Business and Quality Analysts, and Software Developers. Aversan has been providing Professional Services to Fortune 500 companies for over a decade, dedicated to helping Health and IT organizations save time and money by customizing solutions to optimize their processes by designing and developing solutions such as ePortals, Asset Management Systems, Workflow Systems, Reporting Engines and many more. Aversan has a mature project management capability, with the facilities, in-house resources, tools, equipment, and technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions and full product development lifecycle support based on customer specified program work packages. For more information, please visit /about-us/.

About Serena

Serena Software Inc. is a software company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. They provide IT management products around the world, including Serena Deployment Automation, Serena Release Control, Serena Service Manager, Serena Business Manager, and many more. The companies success stems from their process-based solutions for managing and automating IT operations, DevOps, and application development. For more information on Serena and the products they provide, please visit

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