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Aversan Inc. Awarded AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management System

August 24, 2018 011:20AM Eastern Daylight Time

MISSISSAUGA, ON, /Press release / — Aversan Inc., a leading multi-service engineering firm with design, development, manufacturing and testing capabilities in Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Aerospace sectors is proud to announce its successful registration of AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, effective August 2nd, 2018.
The AS9100D is a standardized quality management system specifically meant to ensure quality control for contractors, suppliers and manufacturers serving the Aerospace and Avionics Industry, and is commonly required by customers in the Commercial and Military/Government sectors.

The AS9100 standard is globally recognized and was released in November 1999, by the Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE)for the design, manufacture, production, assembly and testing of aerospace related products. AS9100D certification is based on several quality management clauses and objectives, involving senior-level management and a strong customer focus.

“Our successful transition to AS9100D, validates Aversan’s capability to govern the design and manufacturing of quality products, and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and a true culture of quality”

  • – Ted Sherlock, CEO.

To secure the AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certification, Aversan underwent a stringent quality compliance check. Our process descriptions i.e. the applicable procedures and work instructions as well as the process’s inputs and outputs were thoroughly examined to ensure actual results are compliant with the process being followed. The achievement is definitely worth the efforts and marks a strong authentication of Aversan’s deep-rooted and unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to clients across all of our business divisions.

“Obtaining AS9100D is another excellent example of how sustaining a culture of quality that is focused on value-added actions and results remains a top priority for our management team. Furthermore, with the award of this very certification the overwhelming majority of our staff members continue to feel engaged and satisfied with their team’s performance. They were, in fact, able to articulate what their roles and responsibilities are as well as describe in an accurate, succinct and consistent manner how and when what they do is in alignment with the goals of this organization’s key processes and its (customer, statutory, regulatory) obligations and the ever continuing objectives of reducing complexity and costs at the same time as delighting our customers.”

– John Schiebel, Manager Quality and Supply Chain

Adoption of the revised AS9100 quality management standard further solidifies the fact that Aversan’s customers will continue to receive first-rate quality products and services, ongoing quality improvement, improved operational efficiency and accountability on time and on budget.

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