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10 Reasons to Attend the Canadian Aerospace Summit 2014

As Aversan gets ready to attend one of the most anticipated aerospace events of the year, we want to share with our users exactly why this show is so great, and why all those who are able to attend should:

1. Be a part of record breaking Aerospace history

The Canadian Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) began hosting the Canadian Aerospace Summit in 2011. In the years since, attendance has grown a record amount. In 2013, over 800 participants from the industry enjoyed the event. This year the event is expected to draw even more visitors, so attending means you can be a part of that record breaking audience!

2. Strong line-up expected

Line UpEach year, the Canadian Aerospace Summit draws in big time visitors including many government officials and C-suite representatives from Canadian and International OEM and Tier 1 companies. This year, companies such as NASA, Boeing, and Bell Helicopter and many others will not only be attending, but presenting on various informative topics.

3. Attend the Canada Export Cafe with Trade Commissioners and Partners

If you are not already registered as a participant of the Canadian Aerospace Summit, maybe this will sell you on it! All registered individuals have a special opportunity to meet with visiting Trade Commissioners from Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada from key Aerospace markets. This is a great opportunity to receive practical advice on specific geographic markets of your interest with recommended key contacts, commercial opportunities and the potential to be connected with targeted foreign companies at the show. This will take place on November 19, 2014 from 2:15-5:15pm in the form of 1-1 meetings.

4. Bring your camera for the awesome exhibits!


CameraThe Ottawa Convention Center is the ideal location for the Aerospace Summit to be held as it is a highly versatile venue space, allowing for many dynamic exhibits for companies to put together. Remember to bring your camera because many of companies will be demonstrating the best of their capabilities and products in their exhibits, with an opportunity for you to get up close and see the technology involved.

Plan your visit, see the floorplan here

5. Food, drinks, and networking with OEMs and Tier 1s

Food and Drinks with OEMsThere are many events going on throughout the Aerospace Summit which provides many opportunities to network with many of the OEM and Tier 1 companies attending. One in particular is the Annual Aerospace Reception and Dinner, known to be a highlight of the event. It is quite a rare occasion that Canadian and International companies of all sizes, government, and academia are brought together, making it a great chance to network with different industry stakeholders, all under one roof.

6. B2B opportunities

Want to have facetime with OEMs, Tier 1s, or potential partner companies without interruption? As a registrant, you are able to book B2B meetings with companies via an efficient online system.

TIP: If you are unfamiliar with the system, here is an overview as to how it works. Essentially you input your meeting availability into the system and request meetings with organization representatives of your choice. Should they accept, the system schedules meetings based on the availability you indicated earlier, and meeting space available at that time.

7. Be a part of the International Program

Be a part of the AIAC international programThe International Program at the Canadian Aerospace Summit will take place on November 19, 2014 from 2:00-5:00PM and features presentations, networking events and workshops specific to international opportunities. The following are events that you can attend should they fit in your company’s international strategy.

  • International Workshops – Focus on Singapore, Brazil, Poland and Mexico
  • Canada-Japan Workshop & Networking
  • CARIC-CANNAPE Workshop

8. Solid program covering commercial Aerospace, Defence and Space all under one roof

While commercial aerospace is a big focus of AIAC’s Canadian Aerospace Summit event, it’s not the only industry that receives recognition! Defence, space, and technology are among the other topics covered during the two days. The summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn about all of these great industries from the presentations, exhibits and key stakeholders.

9. A great excuse to visit our nation’s capital

Ottawa, OntarioIf you’ve never visited Canada’s capital, now is a great time to go! Ottawa is a big city full of tourist attractions and fun things to do. The Canadian War Museum is a must see, as well as Parliament Hill and the surrounding buildings. For the Aerospace and Aviation fan, there is also the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. For a list of things to do and the Ottawa Event Calendar, check out Ottawa Tourism:

10. Speak to our Aversan reps!

The last (and best) reason to attend – you’ll have the chance to talk to Aversan representatives! We will be exhibiting at booth #406 in Hall 3! Stop by for some goodies and chat over some hot beverages. We would love to meet you!

If you wish to meet with any of our representatives, please fill out the following form to arrange a meeting. [contact-form-7 id=”17565″ title=”Arrange a Meeting”]


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