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The Next Tech Trends to Expect in Aviation

With many new releases in the tech world, the aviation sector has started adopting some of these new innovations to make their processes seamless, intuitive, and faster. In an interview with Vigor Yang, chairperson of the School of Aerospace Engineering at GIT in Atlanta, he said technology is maximized in various ways by aviation companies

“Fifty percent goes to hardware, fifty percent goes to navigation, guidance, and control. And of that, fifty percent goes to software.”

In the next 12-months, there are many new technologies arising which are expected to revolutionize the industry. Aviation and traveling will continue to be shaped by technology with various researchers predicting that mobile devices will change how digital travel research online is undertaken this year. The relationship between technology and the aviation sectors shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, especially with the increase in smartphones users and the purchasing of tablets, and wearables worldwide. With that in mind, here are some of the newest tech trends expected to improve the Aviation industry.

Smartphone and Ticketing System

AirportSince 2013, experts have been predicting that virtual ticketing via smartphones will increase, as ownership and usage of mobile devices also increase. Tickets can now be purchased, accessed, and viewed via a few swipes on a smartphone. QR codes have replaced bar codes in accessing electronic tickets faster. Tickets are beginning to be more frequently accessed digitally than physically nowadays via many technologies. Smartphones have changed the ticketing system for travelers – and most would agree for the better.

Smartphones have gotten even smarter, too. They have made ordering and purchasing tickets easier via the built-in ePayments systems or apps on the premium handsets like the iPhone 6 Plus. O2 featured said gadget that is built with the company’s propriety Apple Pay that allows users to make purchases not only via App Store or iTunes, but at any online or physical stores that accept their ePayment system. Other smartphone brands have also implemented this feature, which makes purchasing tickets easier and more convenient to travelers.

Customer Service will be more Social

PhoneHave you got questions that need answering quickly? Aviation companies will soon be more readily available to assist you via social media platforms. Due to the strong usage of social websites like Facebook and Twitter, aviation companies and airport have started maximizing their social media pages to publish announcements for any flight delays, answer inquiries from customers, and receive insights on how people react to their business and brand.

Mobile applications that offer quicker customer service options for travelers are also on the rise. In fact, a study featured by The Aviation Writer said that “nine out of ten airlines and airports will provide flight updates using smart phone apps” this year. Airports are now also leveraging mobile app technologies to provide travelers with all the necessary in-flight information they need, such as flight tracking, map for terminals and much more.

Travel App Consumption to Rise

Another factor that affected the growth of technology in the aviation sector was the rise of various travel applications for travelers. Making vacations more convenient, applications vary on their compatible device (some are available for iOS, others for Android, some works for both OS, and the rest cater another operating system for mobiles like Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.). These applications also differ in features and specialization. To help you out, here are some of the top travel apps you can install today:

  • 1. TripIt
  • 2. Kayak
  • 3. City Mapper
  • 4. Parkopedia
  • 5. BeachPro
  • 6. TripAdvisor
  • 7. Hopper
  • 8. Airbnb
  • And more

As technology grows rapidly, we should expect our traveling experiences to become convenient, digitally dependent, and (who knows) even virtual. For now, the aforementioned trends are just some of the things you should expect to happen in the Aviation sector in the coming 12 months.

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