Application Development

Manage your product roadmap with software application development services that take you from conception to delivery.

Reporting engines, testing frameworks, and web and mobile applications all depend on high level quality and dependability, originating from safety and mission critical projects. We provide testing and quality assurance resources from the onset of a project, which results in a test driven approach and thus shorter development cycles. Aversan has experience in delivering complex projects and software solutions using Waterfall, Agile, V-Model, and Hybrid delivery models, chosen on a case-by-case basis to best meet client requirements and timelines.

Aversan Application Development Model

How We Do It

We work closely with our clients and customers to gather and define software requirements to create a detailed scope of work. Our project managers and engineers will work to best understand the goals, constraints, and functionality of the application in order to deliver a product that meets all of our clients' expectations.

The best project delivery model will be selected to achieve project needs. Depending on industry standards, regulations, and other considerations, Aversan will define a governance model, and may choose a V-Model, Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid Delivery Approach. Project managers will work with engineering and development teams, and the client to come up with a high level design including various tools and frameworks, along with a project plan, highlighting key milestones, feature deliveries, and demo checkpoints.

Solutions for the toughest application design challenges from software engineers with wide ranges of expertise. UX Designers work to ensure the application meets optimized user interface design, and usability. Database Developers and Analysts are responsible for Information Management across the application to ensure information is stored and retrieved in a quick and efficient manner. Solution Architects work closely with the client to ensure the application is meeting Requirements at the Business Logic level.

See demos and provide feedback earlier in the project timeline through an incremental and iterative approach, where each feature is developed and tested over a series of incremental steps, and refined through a series of iterations. Feedback is achieved early and often, allowing demos to be presented to our clients, to make time-sensitive, and cost-effective adjustments which mitigate project risk. Aversan employs specialized engineers to automate deployment and release control activities.

Accelerate testing schedules and expand the scope of testing with software engineers who take a test-driven approach to development to ensure the highest level of Quality Assurance. Whether the application requires unit testing, systems testing, integration and/or performance testing, the respective testing specialists are involved in planning and decision making from the onset of the project.

Maintain scalability and performance after deployment with maintenance services designed for applications and infrastructure. These services include performance enhancements, adaptive maintenance, automated re-engineering, upgrades to modern releases, and technologies. 24/7 maintenance, monitoring and support is available for time-critical applications.

Featured Projects

Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of a SharePoint Reporting Portal

Aversan designed, implemented and tested the Primary Care Screening Report Release 2 for Cancer Care Ontario. The Screening Activity Report provides primary care physicians with a supplementary tool for improving their cancer screening rates and appropriate follow-up.

The right project and program management can help you meet your time-to-market, optimize your project resources, and bring greater visibility to stakeholders.

Aversan has PMP certified Project and Program Managers who can apply PMI knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet project or program requirements.

Our Preferred Methodology

A flexible Hybrid “Waterfall” & “Agile” development approach enables us to successfully reduce risk, increase the likelihood that results are generated on-time, and with minimal rework, waste or scrap. This approach combines the best of both methodologies, and eliminates many of the drawbacks. For example, keeping the predictability of Waterfall with the ability to respond to feedback quickly as in Agile. The approach is flexible, allowing us to modify it to be more Waterfall-like, or more Agile-like on a project by project basis.

The Hybrid approach allows us to deal with uncertainty and mitigate risk through using iterative development cycles. Feedback is requested early and often by presenting a demo of each feature to our client, allowing clients to make time-sensitive and cost-effective adjustments based on timely data. This streamlined development process reduced development costs and time to market.

Key Aspects of Hybrid

Construct a partial implementation of a total system

Develop higher-risk or major functions first

Each release delivers an operational product

Allow for recursive updates to the preliminary design based on findings within each increment

Allow for final gated approval process on Requirements, Design and Test Artifacts

Benefits of Hybrid Approach

Stakeholder Engagement: High degree of collaboration between the client and project team

Transparency: Unique opportunity for clients to be involved throughout the project

Early and Predictable Delivery: By using time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints of 1-4 weeks, new features are delivered quickly and frequently

Predictable Costs and Schedule: The cost is predictable and limited to the amount of work that can be performed by the team in the fixed-schedule time box

Allows for Change: Provides an opportunity to constantly refine and reprioritize the overall product backlog

Focuses on Business Value: By allowing the client to determine the priority of features

Focuses on Users: By using user stories with business focused acceptance criteria to define product features

Improves Quality: By breaking down the project into manageable units, the project team can focus on high-quality development, testing, and collaboration

Featured Projects

Consent Directive for Client Management Web Application

Aversan implemented privacy and security features on Cancer Care Ontario’s Integrated Client Management System (ICMS).

Accelerate testing schedules and expand the scope of testing with software engineers who take a test driven approach to development, ensuring the highest level of Quality Assurance.

This allows the QA team to communicate test results for a more robust, and functional product.

Keep projects on track and on budget by utilizing Testing to ensure quality throughout the duration of a project or program. Aversan has worked with a number of clients as a dedicated testing and quality assurance partner to ensure the project has a test suite robust enough to capture the scope of hardware or software requirements

Mitigate risks, control costs, and save valuable time by using a 3rd party evaluation of project work. Independent verification and validation also assures quality for organizations that do not have the in-house capability to verify the progress and completion of projects.

Maintain transparent access to information and project status with test planning and reporting services. With over 14 years of testing experience, Aversan has become a domain expert in defining testing scopes and strategies. As early as the planning stages of a project, we work with the development team and project managers in order to create a test plan from the onset of a project. Throughout the project, reporting tools are utilized to communicate current testing progress, and highlight key information to the development team and stakeholders.

Save hundreds to thousands of hours in test execution effort by implementing test automation over traditional manual testing. From design and build of Automated Test Hardware, Automation Test Frameworks, and Performance Testing of final applications Aversan is an industry leader in test automation for all levels of testing software applications and hardware. Introducing test automation results in significant time, and cost savings by relieving the burden of repetitive and error prone manual testing.

Featured Projects

Independent Verification and Validation of a Claims Processing System

Aversan was responsible for independent verification and validation of Manitoba Blue Cross’s Claims Processing System modernization program, replacing their legacy system with a new SAP-based system.

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