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SD-160 Driver Train Simulator

Due to an update made by Thales on the driver consoles for the Edmonton Transit System, Aversan was selected to participate in the design and development of an SD-160 simulator for use in re-training drivers. Aversan worked jointly with Thales Canada Transportation Solutions and Thales Canada Defense and Security on this project.

The scope of work included:
• Requirements generation
• Software development
• Software integration testing
• System integration testing
• Design and manufacturing of student station cab consoles for each simulator, including the following: Driver Control Panel with a Thales Train Operator Display and Simulated Siemens Vehicle Operator Display for each console, Input/Output system and custom interface test adapter board to interface train controls to simulation software, Computer system to host the Thales Engineering Simulator, Train Environment and Physics Simulation software, Input/Output software, Creation of the physical cab enclosure.

The Student Station is integrated with an Instructor Station and a Window Display, which is a virtual world representation of the guideway from the view of the front window of the SD-160 train. The Instructor Station includes a Soft Driver Control Panel, whereby the instructor can override the trainee’s Driver Control Panel, and a Scenario Control Panel, allowing the instructor to load training simulations, pause simulations and resume simulations from the current state or from previously saved resumption points.

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