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Consent Directive for Provincial Integrated Client Management System

Aversan implemented privacy and security features on Cancer Care Ontario’s Integrated Client Management System (ICMS). The Consent Management feature provided the client with the ability to permit, withhold, withdraw, change or revoke consent to collect, use or disclose personal health information. The enhancement also provides data masking capabilities.

Once a Consent Directive (CD) was applied to a client’s record, OBSP sites were able to see different views of the client’s records, based on the consent directive applied. The Consent Management gives clients appropriate control over their Personal Health Information (PHI) and how it is collected, used and shared. Aversan implemented the consent management functionality by adding new and modifying existing components of the ICMS 2.0 web application.

In order to minimize the changes and impact to the existing code base, Aversan implemented the ability to control CD data return, filtering and masking to a centralized location.

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