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Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is one of the best-selling commercial aircrafts in the world, and Aversan supported both the Boeing 737 SRADA and Boeing 737 X projects with software and systems engineering services.

Boeing 737 SRADA

Aversan was responsible for the software design and software testing for the Boeing 737 SRADA. Aversan also performed development of the controls system requirement and system bench testing.

Standards Met: Design Assurance Level B

Boeing 737 X

For the 737 X Honeywell project, Aversan performed software modification of a legacy Boeing 737 131-9[B] auxiliary power unit (APU) controller currently in production.

The modifications included the establishment of a new requirement for documentation, software, and test changes. It also included delta certification associated with the production release of version 5 of the 131-9B APU’s electronic control unit (ECU) software.

The 737 X project started in July 2009 and was successfully completed in December 2009.

Standards Met: Design Assurance Level A

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