Our Work

    Consent Directive for provincial Integrated Client Management System

    Web application development and consent directive enhancements to Cancer Care Ontario’s Integrated Client Management System.

    Independent Verification and Validation of a Medical Insurance Claims Processing System

    IV&V combined with Test Automation for a successful go-live

    iEHR and PLIS Quality Assurance and Release Management

    Independent Verification and Validation and Release Management for British Columbia’s Interoperable Electronic Health Record and Provincial Lab Information System

    Development of Provincial Conformance and Interoperability Test Platform

    Conformance and Interoperability Testing Platform for eHealth Ontario

    Infrastructure, UI Design, and Application Upgrade of a Health Information Management System

    Modernizing the Provincial Wait Times Information System, and the Infrastructure behind It

    Cancer Screening Reporting Portal Implementation in SharePoint

    Primary Care Screening Activity Report Release 2 (PCSAR R2) system for Cancer Care Ontario

    Health and Usage Monitoring System

    Turn-key product development, manufacturing and delivery of an advanced prognostics system for rotating parts on helicopter platforms.

    Automated Test Equipment for Landing Gear System Production

    Aversan developed a fully automated system for the acceptance testing of a landing gear system which improved production efficiency.

    A350 XWB System Integration

    System Integration of the Airbus A350 XWB environmental control system.

    Power & Thermal System Validation and Verification

    Aversan is the Independent Verification and Validation contractor for the F-35 Lightning II Power & Thermal Management System program.

    C919 Heads Down Display Control Panels

    Aversan collaborated with Firan Technology Group Corporation (FTG) and Shanghai Avionics Corporation (SAVIC) for the development of Integrated Control Panels for the COMAC C919 Heads Down Display Control Panels

    Software Engineering on a Safety-Critical Rail System

    Aversan provided software design services to Thales Rail on a Safety Critical Rail System.

  • Embedded Systems Development
    Embedded Systems Development

    Aversan designs, develops, qualifies, and certifies embedded control systems for safety and mission-critical programs. Save time and reduce hassle by using a single vendor to design, build, and deliver your next project.

    AS9100C Certificate

    Aversan has maintained a quality management system which is AS9100C certified since May 2014, as well as ISO 9001:2008 (as assessed and registered by Intertek). You may download the certificate showing to view our certifications below.

    Aerospace Embedded Systems Development

    Aversan designs, develops, qualifies, and certifies embedded control systems for safety and mission-critical programs. Save time and reduce hassle by using a single vendor to design, build, and deliver your next project.

    Embedded Systems Development French Version

    Aversan conçoit, développe, qualifie et certifie des systèmes de contrôle embarqués pour les programmes commerciaux et militaires. Ces programmes comprennent le développement d’équipements de cockpit, de contrôleurs de trains d’atterrissage, de commandes de groupe motopropulseur, de systèmes de conditionnement d’air, et plus encore.

    Hardware-in-the-loop System Integration Lab

    AvSIL offers an affordable, flexible System Integration solution that can quickly adapt to changing program requirements and can be easily re-purposed for use across multiple test programs, reducing lab bring-up NRE costs and testing hours, and allowing multiple test programs to share the same test platform and hardware.

    Automated Test Scheduling Batch Execution System Data Sheet

    The Batch Execution System (BES) is a customizable automated test scheduling, dispatching, and reporting system which can be deployed independently of testing equipment providing greater flexibility and reliability over other systems. Efficiently schedule multiple tests (with varying priority levels), manage venue execution, incorporate post-processing functionality, and collect artifacts across multiple systems while working remotely.

    Is your EHR wasting time and money? [Case Study]

    An Automated Test Framework is used to execute hundreds of automated test cases, and generate reports and artifacts without any user interaction. This provides a substantial savings in cost and time in performing regression tests, allowing the full suite of test cases to be run in hours. Find out how we saved our customer over 3000 hours of manual testing time and $13 million annually in this case study.

    Benefits to Test Automation

    Learn about the benefits to automated testing with Aversan through our work with Manitoba Blue Cross. This case study will provide a detailed look into Manitoba Blue Cross’ legacy Claims Processing System and how Aversan was able to utilize test automation to benefit the quality assurance effort.

  • digital health
    Digital Health Brochure

    Clinicians are increasingly relying on interconnected systems for information, clinical orders, and decision support. Each of these increases the risk to the delivery of high quality and safe health care. Aversan manages, assesses, and mitigates…

  • medical device development & certification
    Medical Device Development

    Bring your products to market quickly and confidently with medical device development, quality management, testing, compliance, and regulatory support you need. Regulatory experts and embedded systems engineers can help you stay cost effective &…

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