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MPP Natalia Kusendova Visits Aversan Inc.

On Friday, April 5th, 2019, Aversan Inc. proudly hosted Member of Provincial Parliament Natalia Kusendova at our Mississauga Office as our last celebration of National Engineering Month and  to highlight women working in STEM.  MPP Kusendova represents the riding of Mississauga Centre as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.  

When she arrived, MPP Kusendova received a presentation explaining what Aversan is, and our role in the aerospace and defence and medical device industries.  She learned that Aversan is a Mississauga based engineering company that is a trusted-turn key partner in our industries.  After seeing projects that Aversan is currently working on and told about exciting deals in progress for the future, MPP Kusendova said that Aversan’s work was “quite fascinating”.

MPP Natalia Kusendova with Aversan Inc CEO Ted Sherlock and Aversan Employees from left to right Anum Saleem Rachel Flear Daniel Pirog and Ryan Anderson

Later, MPP Kusendova was given a tour of our facility by Danny Dias and Ryan Anderson, members of our Business Development team.  She was able to see the interesting and challenging projects our engineers are currently working on as well as ask questions about how each of the product works.  She was fascinated at the number of products that Aversan has accomplished in our office stating “Wow, all that in this building?” This allowed MPP Kusendova to learn about the advanced engineering capabilities that Aversan can offer.

MPP Natalia Kusendova speaking with Ryan Anderson left and Danny Dias middle members of our Business Development team

MPP Kusendova also delivered a speech to Aversan’s on-site staff, in which she emphasized the need for innovation and the strides that technology companies like Aversan are making to better the future of Ontario. She also stated she was proud that Aversan supports women and new graduates in the STEM field. MPP Kusendova was particularly impressed with how many of our staff were new graduates and the work that they have accomplished so early in their careers.

MPP Natalia Kusendova with Aversan employees
MPP Natalia Kusendova with Aversan employees

Aversan Inc. was honoured to host MPP Natalia Kusendova last week, and we hope to continue this business relationship in the future.

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