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Digital Health

High Reliability and Safety for Improved Outcomes

Conformant, integrated health care solutions that support clinicians and consumers.

Deploy and operate high quality systems that directly address health care needs, improve patient experience, and reduce per capita cost of care.
Aversan empowers leading health care organizations to build, deploy and maintain highly available and adaptable applications that are designed to improve the quality of patient care and seamlessly integrate with various clinical and enterprise systems. We manage to do so by providing them our expertise in three main areas:

Accelerate the delivery of Connected Health Care through test and evaluation services that support the seamless integration of IT systems.

Health Information Integration services for digital health solutions including EMRs, EHRs, HIS and pharmacy systems.

Keep your data safe with security services for Personal Health Information (PHI) using encryption certificates, secure messaging, data caching, and other techniques.

Clinical interoperability services for the development and implementation of FHIR and HL7 conformant applications to improve the exchange, sharing, and retrieving electronic health information.

Manage change, release and conformance in Digital Health initiatives to align with organizational change management and user acceptance approach. Our methodology stems from a ‘people first’ approach to health IT. Knowledge transfer programs help manage the complexity inherent with technology change to ensure that your enterprise systems are relevant and competitive.

User Acceptance Test Support

End-user communications & training

Clinician engagement & adoption

At-the-elbow physician support post EMR and EHR go-live

Workflow/process integration & re-engineering for both clinical and business systems

Support end users in the introduction of new or enhanced health technology solutions into the clinical environment.

Message Verification, Message Translation, and Message Generation for HL7 V2, HL7 V3, and FHIR conformance.

Interoperability Profiles validation for client-side and server-side validation (Semantic Interoperability), and connectivity (Technical Interoperability).

Automation of all verification activities at design build (unit testing), pre-production (system testing), and at user acceptance, including ongoing regression testing and reporting.

Performance assessments for component and systems level.

Design, review and traceability to standards

Mechanical Design and Build

Hardware Design and Build

Embedded Systems and Software Development

Verification and Validation

Design for Test (DFT) Consulting)

Development to Quality Assurance and Safety standards

System Integration and EMR connectivity

To support formal certification of your project with regulatory authorities (such as the FAA, EASA, FDA, Health Canada and NRTL) Aversan provides artifact creation, documentation management, and process development.

Remain confident that your project will pass final software, hardware and electrical regulatory controls.

Aversan has over a decade of experience supporting customers with testing embedded systems to generate artifacts necessary for certification. Ranging from large-scale formal testing of multi-control systems in real-time simulation labs, to small teams performing software verification and validation, Aversan can handle projects of any size.


Artifact generation

Requirements documentation

Requirements and test traceability

Software development and verification and validation for DO-178 A/B/C/D and IEC 62304

Hardware development and verification and validation for DO-254 A/B/C/D and IEC 60601

Planning documentation (PHAC, PSAC)

Certification support: Agent services, pre-compliance testing (CE Mark, NRTL Mark)

Software process lifecycle creation (IEC 62304)

Risk management development (ISO 14971)


Business Models

Aversan business models fit any project.

  • Concept to go-live project management, implementation, and post-delivery support.
  • Specific areas of work include system integration, testing, verification & validation, software developement, and others.
  • Skilled professionals that integrate with your team and contribute knowledge and expertise.

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