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Aversan launches next-generation System Integration Solution

AvSIL Systems Integration Lab

Aversan is excited to announce the release of its leading-edge System Integration Lab solution for aerospace. The AvSIL will be available starting in the third quarter of 2016 as part of an integrated testing solution. AvSIL is an affordable, flexible system integration solution for real-time, closed-loop control systems verification and validation, with simulations or hardware-in-the-loop. AvSIL serves to enable system integrators the ability to test before the aircraft is on the tarmac or even an Iron Bird. Through the use of AvSIL, system integrators have a true representation of the aircraft well in advance of the actual platform. AvSIL improves time to market, saving both time and money.

AvSIL is designed to be scalable and reusable with today’s and tomorrow’s programs. It features a modular I/O system enabling connections to common domain sensors and systems found in Environmental Controllers, Landing Gear Controllers, and other avionics systems. With software configurable I/O, AvSIL can quickly be adjusted to the needs of a changing program. It can also be easily repurposed for use across disparate programs reducing NRE costs.

Download the Datasheet


  • Spend more time solving and less time re-running tests with comprehensive data logging and powerful debug tools.
  • Get higher fidelity in simulations, I/O control, and test data logging with fast 1 kHz I/O frame rate.
  • Support custom interfaces with I/O modules that are software configurable
  • Reduce the need for additional custom interfaces when developing a new integration lab with I/O Interface modules that are purposely built to interface with common aircraft sensors and hardware.
  • Easy-to-use navigation with test reports that feature hyperlinks to data and procedures.
  • Minimize the need for manual disposition by including built-in pass/fail criteria in test procedures.
  • Designed to integrate with your Configuration Management System, AvSIL supports industry standard document control processes for test campaigns and programs.
  • Enable 24/7 test stand utilization and simplify resource sharing with the Batch Execution System (BES). The BES automatically schedules and dispatches tests from multiple sources to multiple test platforms.
  • Upgrade without impacting your investment with a processing engine that is not tied to proprietary hardware. Take advantage of upgrades in processor, memory, and storage when your program needs it.

About Aversan

Aversan is a Canadian engineering firm headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, providing turn-key product development  across a wide range of safety-certifiable and mission-critical platforms for the aerospace and defense markets.


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