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Aversan Hosts the Mississauga Board of Trade

Aversan was proud to host David Wojcik and Brad Butt of the Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) at our office on Thursday, June 28th. David is President and CEO and Brad is Vice President, Government and Stakeholder Relations at MBOT. They spoke with Aversan’s Nathan Nandhakumaran about business in Mississauga and the opportunities for growth in this great and innovative city. Their vast experience in business and knowledge about the local business landscape was invaluable.

Who is the Mississauga Board of Trade?

MBOT is a crucial partner to local businesses. They provide advocacy, networking events, professional development, and collaboration opportunities.  Their motto is “Spirit of Success”, which aligns with Aversan’s proven agility and enthusiasm in continuously adapting and evolving since 2003 to meet the demands of the market for continued growth.

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Nathan spoke to David and Brad about Aversan’s sister company Aversan Labs, which is an engineering design-house for IoT products. Aversan Labs leverages Aversan’s product development experience to work with startups to bring their products to market. David and Brad shared their insights on the importance of startups in Canada and the need for more government support of these up-and-coming companies. MBOT is a great advocate for business and government relations.

Nathan also gave David and Brad a tour of Aversan’s lab and office. Meeting people at events is one thing, but when visitors come to our office we can really show what we do and how we make things happen. With the support of organizations like MBOT, Aversan seeks to support and contribute to technology innovation in Mississauga.

Aversan COO Nathan Nandhakumaran with MBOT President David Wojcik and Vice President Brad Butt.
Aversan COO Nathan Nandhakumaran with MBOT President David Wojcik and Vice President Brad Butt

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Are you interested in collaboration of local businesses and technological innovation? Do you have any thoughts on the future role of startups in the Canadian economy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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