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Aversan Contracted for Conformance and Interoperability Testing with eHealth Ontario

The Healthcare industry is a vast and expanding sector within Canada. With the establishment of Electronic Healthcare (eHealth), each province has developed its regional Ministry to administer the process and communication between technology and its user. As a Health Informatics organization, Aversan Inc offers an Interoperability and Conformance Testing platform that has garnered the attention of eHealth British Columbia, eHealth Manitoba, and most recently, eHealth Ontario.

Aversan’s unique concept model, and established history within the Health Informatics domain, has allowed Aversan to build a foundation that standardizes and centralizes its Performance and Conformance processes.

On October 22, 2012, eHealth Ontario contracted Aversan Inc to perform Conformance and Interoperability testing on its Electronic Health Record (EHR) and peripheral systems. The assessment will assess and qualify eHealth Ontario’s systems conformance to HL7 standards.


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