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Aversan Chosen as Design Partner for WheelTug® onboard Aircraft Electric Drive System


TORONTO, ON/Oct 08, 2015 – Aversan is pleased to announce that it has been selected to design the Cockpit Controller in partnership with WheelTug Limited. Aversan will be responsible for the turnkey development of the Cockpit Controller for the WheelTug System, which enables aircraft to taxi without the use of their engines. Such a system not only reduces costs associated with fuel, engine and brake wear, but also provides passengers with a better experience by reducing time spent on the ground.

Aversan’s extensive experience in developing safety-critical systems compliant with DO-178/DO-254 standards was instrumental in WheelTug’s partner selection. Aversan is proud to be contributing to a game-changing technology that is sure to enhance everyday airline operations for the betterment of the travelling passenger.

“This partnership highlights our ability to design high-reliability, safety-critical embedded systems for WheelTug’s ultimate success. We look forward to working with WheelTug and maintaining a long-term relationship.”
Scott Moses, Director of Engineering


Aversan will be developing the Cockpit Controller for the WheelTug System which will enable pilot control of the aircraft while on the ground using the WheelTug solution.



About Aversan Inc.

Aversan is an AS9100C certified global engineering company offering project based solutions for the commercial and military aircraft markets. They are experts in the design, development, and verification of safety-critical systems compliant with the DO-178C and DO-254 standards. Aversan has contributed to major aircraft programs including the Lockheed Martin F-35, COMAC C919, General Dynamics F-16, Boeing C-17, 747, 777, Airbus A350 XWB and many others.

About WheelTug

WheelTug Limited is developing the WheelTug® system which enables aircraft to be electrically driven from the terminal gate to the takeoff runway, and upon landing from runway exit to the gate. This allows improvements in efficiency, flexibility, fuel savings, reduced engine wear, reduced foreign object damage (FOD), as well as substantial reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. The WheelTug system can be seen in action at


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