Aversan designs, develops and builds embedded devices and control systems for clients across the Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Medical and IT industries.

We apply our Independent Verification & Validation experience to help companies meet regulatory requirements and deliver quality results. We have developed effective and reliable processes and tools for the Aerospace field which can be tailored to any safety-critical industry, including automotive testing and system integration.


Design and Manufacturing of Custom Embedded Electronics

  • Specialized in high reliability, ruggedized, custom electronics design as a service
  • Support from Design to Production

Independent Validation and Verification

  • Independent testing of systems & software
  • Specialized in process-heavy industries including Aerospace, Medical & Rail
  • Staff-augmentation or fully managed projects

Automated Testing

  • For Controls System: Real-time closed-loop (HIL) test venues
  • For manufacture of electronic devices: Factory Acceptance Test Equipment
  • For Software / Hardware Development: Automated Test Framework Solutions

Systems & Software

  • Specialized in safety-critical & highly robust system & software
  • Design processes compliant with industry standards & best practices

Featured Project

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