Airbus A350 Controls Integration Bench (CITB)

Honeywell developed several key environmental and power systems for the A350 XWB, one of Airbus’ newest aircraft models. The A350 XWB is a wide-body commercial passenger aircraft capable of ultra-long range flight of up to 9,700 nautical miles.

For this project, Aversan provided a Controls Integration Bench (CITB), a development testing facility that allowed software engineers to test both the Honeywell controllers and software, as well as Airbus’ Integrated Model Avionics hardware.

Aversan’s CITB facility provides the ability to test three systems independently at the same time while sharing hardware resources. The CITB facility acted as an integral part of the development for Honeywell Systems. It provided the first opportunity for direct interaction between Honeywell and Airbus units and software.The Batch Execution Software (BES) used for this project automatically scheduled and managed test execution, allowing 24/7 facility utilization.Aversan’s ability to develop custom tools to automate the test effort and run tests 24/7 drastically reduced the overall test cycle time.

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