Never Miss a Milestone Again

The product development, project management, testing, and regulatory support you need to bring your products to market quickly and confidently.

Accelerate your product roadmap with design, build, testing, certification and support services for safety-critical embedded control systems for commercial and military aerospace programs.

Aversan provides complete embedded systems development support:

  • Requirements definition done by experienced systems engineers ensures the project is defined correctly from the beginning.
  • Compliance experts with experience designing to meet regulatory standards, generate the necessary planning and compliance artifacts.
  • Size, weight and power (SWaP) optimized embedded system design allows to meet challenging requirements.
  • Cutting edge hardware-in-the-loop test platforms and test automation IP ensures development stays on-schedule and on budget.
  • Design for manufacturing component sourcing and partnerships with world-class manufacturing partners that guarantees long-term product availability and aftermarket support.

Embedded Systems Design Brochure

Full Service

A single source from design concept through product delivery management


Nimble, customizable teams quickly ramped up to support specialized needs


Experienced management, software, electrical, FPGA, and mechanical engineering professionals

Continual Risk Assessments

Constant evaluation of technical, regulatory, and competitive factors with a focus on reliability, Availability

Test-Driven Design and Development

Shorter development cycles through early identification of gaps and automated testing coverage

Compliance Expertise

Navigating regulatory frameworks and understanding device specific requirements