Antonov An-225 Mriya biggest airplane in the world

Will They Ever Make a Plane Bigger than the An-225?

10:48 30 March in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, featured, Uncategorized by Taylor Straatsma

There is no doubt that commercial passenger airplanes are big – the Boeing 747-8 and the Airbus A380 dominate in this category. Each have the ability to transport more than 500 passengers on the longest regularly scheduled commercial flights in the world, however, the flying...

What will happen in the Drone industry this year

What will happen in the Drone industry this year

10:06 23 February in Aerospace & Defence Blog, Aerospace News, All Blog Posts, featured, Industry News by Ryan Anderson

The presence of UAVs in all industries is growing every day. Imagine a remotely piloted vehicle with a thermal camera, which could autonomously follow the edge of a forest fire to track its progress. Or a small quad-rotor with cameras and sensors which could be used...


Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Leave Tracks in the Sky?

08:41 07 January in All Blog Posts, Uncategorized by Guest Blogger

Contrails The white streaks left in the sky are actually condensation trails called “contrails.” Similar to vehicles, airplane engines produce exhaust. Once this hot exhaust is let off the plane, water vapor spreads into the cold air and freezes, kilometers over land.   History of Contrails The first contrails...


PPE Readiness in 5 Steps

11:50 01 April in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, Business Solutions by Spencer Johnstone

Before an Engineer can be licensed in Ontario they must meet the following five criteria laid out by Professional Engineers Ontario: Must be at least 18 years old Must be of good character Must meet PEO's stipulated academic requirements for licensure. (i.e. (CEAB)-accredited program or have passed the...


Distilling Value in the Software Verification & Validation Process

14:25 27 October in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, Business Solutions, featured by Curtis M.

Software verification, validation, and automation are intrinsic to Aversan’s operations, and have formed an important part of our business since its inception in 2003. Through many years of process experience and evolution, we have continually refined and distilled our approach to performing software verification and...


Canada to Maintain Current Military Spending (or 2%? NATOMG)

14:48 24 September in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, Industry News by Craig Bloch-Hansen

Canadian military spending is in the spotlight again, but this time by the international community (maybe we'll talk F-35's later). The government is being heavily scrutinized for continued cuts to defence spending in the wake of recent and sustained military tensions between the NATO allies...


9 Crucial Tips for Career Fair Success

15:33 16 September in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, HR Blog Posts by Recruitment Team

[vc_row row_type="row" type="full_width" text_align="left" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text] The career fair season has arrived again! As an active recruiter, Aversan attends many Ontario (and sometimes Quebec!) University career fairs throughout the year. After exhibiting at countless events, our Recruitment Team compiled a list of 9 crucial tips for students...


Demand for Aviation Jobs Expected to Increase in Coming Years

13:58 08 August in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, Industry News by Guest Blogger

From the fabled flight of Icarus to para-sailors launching from their makeshift mountaintop runways, and from the power of the Wright Brothers, the around-the-world adventures of Amelia Earhart, and the nonstop spirit of Charles Lindbergh - individuals, nations, and corporations have been fascinated by...


Reasons Why Test Automation Is An Engineer’s Best Friend

11:56 01 August in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts by Aversan Media

With a commitment to efficiency, here at Aversan we incorporate Automation into most things that we do! In testing, utilizing automation has many benefits such as catching more defects, lowering cycle test duration, reducing costs and more. Automation also allows Engineers to focus on more...


Aversan Congratulates Airbus on Completion of A350 XWB Test Fleet

11:39 04 July in Aerospace & Defence Blog, All Blog Posts, Aversan News, Industry News by Aversan Media

On June 20th, 2014, Airbus posted a press release announcing the completion of the A350 XWB test fleet. The fleet contains 5 development aircraft which were used for extensive testing. Aversan recognizes this as a great milestone for Airbus and its mission for greener, economical,...