Aversan Congratulates Airbus on Completion of A350 XWB Test Fleet


Aversan Congratulates Airbus

On Completion of A350 XWB Test Fleet


Aversan Congratulates Airbus on Completion of A350 XWB Test Fleet

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Qatar Airways Airbus A350On June 20th, 2014, Airbus posted a press release announcing the completion of the A350 XWB test fleet. The fleet contains 5 development aircraft which were used for extensive testing. Aversan recognizes this as a great milestone for Airbus and its mission for greener, economical, comfortable, and technologically advanced range of aircraft.

Aversan is proud to have contributed to this important project with system development and verification activities, particularly on the ACS (air conditioning system), in support of the certification schedule. The level of detail achieved in our avionics integration and system testing has assisted our immediate customer (Honeywell) in the delivery of a more mature system for aircraft integration, as well as a reduced risk of subtle problems that usually surface after several years in service. Announced in 2006, the A350 has been in development for approximately 8 years, 5 of which heavily involved work by Aversan. Airbus is now on track for certification later this year before the official release to first customer Qatar Airways.

According to the Airbus Press Release:

...the A350 XWB programme has already achieved more than 2,000 flight-test hours in around 500 flights, and with this the programme is demonstrating the highest flying rate ever achieved in Airbus flight tests, with around 80 flight hours per aircraft per month.
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