Engineering Internship Winter 2019

  • Amy Gopaulsingh
  • April 29, 2019

For many students, an internship semester is a chance to gain real-time industry experience in their field of study. It is an invaluable learning experience for new students and employers, as it allows students to learn about the workplace, and employers to learn about the strengths and skills of the next working generation. During the 2019 winter semester, Aversan was fortunate to have two students complete their engineering internship at our Mississauga office.

At the end of his work term, we sat down with one of the interns to hear about what it was like working at Aversan for the last four months. We asked him to reflect on the company culture, work content and experience in general. We hope this blog post will help students and new graduates gain a fresh perspective about interning at Aversan.

Raymond Nguyen

Raymond is attending the University of Guelph as a student in the Bachelor of Engineering, Engineering Systems and Computing program.

What was your position and what did you work on?

Raymond: “Hardware Design Intern – Unfortunately, I was unable to be placed on a project during my coop term, so I was unable to help in the design stages of a project. However, this put me in a position where I can provide support to various projects instead of one. I provided support to the engineering operations by counting inventory, purchasing parts, and testing PCBs. This was an interesting experience as it opened my eyes to the various operations involved in product development that isn’t typically covered in school. Also, when things were slow, I would be asked to assist in the IT department, so there should always be something technical for engineering interns to do. With the IT department, I gained experience working on technologies I have never worked on before, like private servers.”

What was the environment at Aversan like ?

Raymond: “Simply put, the environment at Aversan is “free-range” – the managers let you operate however you’d like as long as you get your job done. This was a new work environment that I haven’t been in before, but it worked out fine since everyone at Aversan is friendly and they’re always happy to help if you don’t know how to do something. Also, they try to be as inclusive as they can be, they have numerous events for you to participate in and meet new people; there are monthly birthday celebrations, weekly sporting/gaming events, and occasional team building events, such as a Foam Fest obstacle course event.

What have you learned that you will apply back at school or in future jobs?

Raymond: “My experience at Aversan gave me an opportunity to learn about various electrical devices, electrical circuits, and testing methods. As a Systems Engineer, this was extremely valuable as I will be able to apply the knowledge to personal projects, lab tutorials in school, and future electrical/electronic jobs.”

Do you have any advice for future candidates?

Raymond: “One, meet as many people as you can during your time here. There are so many newly-graduated engineers here to network with.  Two, if you are not assigned a project, be prepared to work independently.”

At Aversan, we believe in investing in the right people and training them to become the best for our company. We are a growing business in a booming industry, and if this sounds like the place for you, feel free to comment below or contact our recruitment team for any questions you might have or check out current opportunities – Jobs at Aversan

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