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Aversan delivers engineering and software programs by employing regulatory standards and industry best practices. Coupled with a flexible organizational structure, your project can benefit from a quick turnaround time and added value. Governed by a strong Quality Management System (AS9100 and ISO 9001: 2008), PMP certified Project Managers can adapt to the methodologies that best fit with a given industry, and which achieve the highest quality deliverables. Test driven development methodology ensures defects are caught and resolved early in the development process.

Discovery / Scope

Aversan works closely with you to gather project requirements and define a detailed scope of work. The dedicated account representative, together with the project manager, works to understand your goals and constraints, and to answer all of your questions. Based on these discussions, a specific delivery model is chosen which best suits the project. Depending on industry standards, regulations, and other considerations, Aversan will define a governance model, and may choose a V-Model, Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid approach.


The planning phase focuses on optimizing resources and tools to ensure successful delivery. Whether this planning phase is upfront or iterative as in an Agile model, there is a heavy emphasis on allocating priorities and meeting timeline commitments. At this time, a model for project artifacts is defined to highlight traceability, reporting, and versioning requirements.


The execution phase of a project has a milestones-focused approach at Aversan. We utilize Project Managers who are PMP certified with lean six-sigma training to ensure milestones are met, and within budget. Our customers are engaged in the overall process to provide clarity and see progress in real-time. In addition, test driven development approach ensures defects are caught and resolved at each stage.


Fine tune projects with iterative demo stages, add value and exceed original expectations. Once the main development and execution activities are completed, a briefing on the delivery status, and a demo or working product is provided. Verify that requirements have been met, and product is ready for delivery.

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