Batch Execution System

Batch Execution System Overview

The BES is a dispatching system and results collection mechanism which is completely independent of testing equipment. The BES handles remote test submission as well as results collection with configurable priority levels.

The BES was developed with flexibility in mind so that it can be used effectively in virtually all software testing engagements. The BES can be purchased as a standalone product, or integrated within a test environment. Due to the flexible and robust nature of the BES, multiple members of a team can access test results and modify test conditions at any time, even remotely. This will directly translate to large savings in execution time, and results analysis, which will allow team members to focus their resources in other areas.


Key Features

Back-end Python Script for a configurable interface with the target

Web based Front End

Consistent between applications

Cost and time savings with multiple projects

Maximizes target utilization by enabling priorities of test cases

Single port placed in a firewall for secure remote access

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   Has 3 Main Components: Clients, Dispatcher, and Targets

   Automated Test Capability - Single or Batch

   Downloadable HTML Test Report Files Show Start Date/Time, End Time, Expected, Actual, Individual        coloured Pass/Fail and Overall Pass/Fail

   Command Line or GUI Modes

   Supports Test Interruption for User Interaction

   Can Run Any Test Script

   Independent of the Test Environment - Can be Configured to Run on Any Client's Existing Test System

   Enables Multiple Developers to Access the Same Test Resources

   Will Create Queue for Tests, Including a Priority System

   Allows Global Access to Test Equipment

Project Summary

A customer was going through regression testing and had various manual procedures to run their tests. The duration of testing with manual processes and 20 target test stations, spanned two weeks while employees ran tests day and night, 7 days a week. With the set-up of Aversan’s Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Batch Execution System (BES), the same tests were completed within 24 hours, approximately ten times faster, saving time and money. The graph shown on the right demonstrates the amount of time spent prior to and after the implementation of the ATE and BES.

Hours Spent Testing Before Implementation0%
Hours Spent Testing After Implementation0%


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